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Samsung NX1000 wired rig
After many years of shooting digital stereo using Canon point & shoot cameras equipped with SDM software, I have finally upgraded to a better quality stereo rig, that promises to bring back the look and feel of an RBT custom stereo film camera. These cameras are linked using a mount that attaches to the lens mounting rings on the front of the Samsung NX1000 mirrorless cameras. This mount is made by Werner Bloos and is for sale in North America from George Themelis. Details about purchase and use of this mount is available here.
paired NX1000 cameras
This rig does not have any special software required to synchronize the cameras. A fairly simple cable, connected to the USB port of each camera allows both camera shutters to be fired by pressing the shutter release on one camera. Synchronization is pretty good but far from an SDM rig or a pair of Canon DSLRs. (I'll be keeping my SDM rigs for situations requiring better synch). A wired remote shutter release is attached to the synch cable and is always present (clipped to the neck strap) for tripod shots. Schematics for these cables are provided below. The brass linkage lets the zooms be adjusted simultaneously. A brass bar with a loop at the top also allows the neck strap to be connected at the top of the Left camera.
NX1000 rig
A grip has been added to the Right camera to make it easier to hold the camera rig in the right hand while adjusting the zoom with the left hand. The plate which holds this grip has a channel machined into the underside to contain the sych cable. On the bottom there is a quick release tripod adapter permanently fastened. Using the AE Bracket function you can set the bracket order and the range as far as +/- 3EV. This allows making HDR stereo images. Changing between single frame and bracket is fairly quick and easy. Synchronization is usually good enough for flash photography (using a conventional "dumb" flash, not the Samsung smart flash, which destroys synchronization), however a fair percentage of flash shots will result in the left camera showing a partially open shutter. An electronic circuit is coming in the near future which will ensure that the flash only fires when both shutters have opened.
NX1000 rig bottom
The wiring is fairly simple and is detailed in the schematics below. I have worked out the wire colours and the pinouts for you. I made my cable from a Left hand and a Right hand micro USB extension cable. You can not use a cell phone power cable since they usually don't have the ID wire (the yellow one). Updated 12 Dec 2016.
schematicNX1000 Schematic with remoteNX1000 schematic with plug

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