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Bettie Page (caution, nudity)
Marilyn Monroe (caution, nudity)


"Papillon" was taken with a Panasonic GX1 camera with a modified Panasonic stereo lens and was selected for display at the Geocarto 2015 display in Hong Kong.


Niagara Falls in Winter


The Bluejay image was taken with  my SDM Twin rig, Canon SD1300 cameras using a wired remote.

Fairytale Mushroom

This "Fairytale Mushroom" image was taken with a Fujifilm W3 camera, cha cha style. This image has been selected for the Geocarto display for 2015 in Hong Kong
"Droplets" was shot with a Panasonic GX1 camera using a modified Panasonic stereo lens
W3 Housing
Underwater housing with Fuji W3 Camera inside (taken with a Panasonic Lumix 3D1 camera in a rubber bag housing).

W3 Images
3D1 Fish

The above images were taken with a Fuji W3 camera in the above underwater housing at St. Thomas

Lumix Images

The bolow images were taken with a Panasonic Lumix 3D1 camera in a rubber bag housing.

Other images


Hyper stereo of Charles Bridge in Prague from the East Tower
Taken with a pair of Canon SD1000 cameras using SDM and a long cable. My son held the Left camera.

Besdes Stairs
Stairs to the highest Besdes Castle Tower, Czech Republic

View from the top of the high tower at Besdes castle, Czech Republic
Lone Star
Winter Wonderland

Jicin, Czech Republic

"The Magic of Stereo"
This image was made by printing two stereo cards of the calf, only one card had 2 Left images and the other had 2 Right images.
The stereo camera rig was placed on a tripod, the double Left  stereocard was placed in the viewer, and the Left image was exposed using the Left camera.
To take the Right image, the double Right stereoview was placed in the viewer and the Right camera shutter was openned.
"The Calf" image was scanned from a Realist format stereo slide, taken in the 90s with my Kodak stereo camera, on a family farm in the Czech Republic.

Image Links (Some nice pages I have run across)

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Barry Rothstein, Steve Hughes & Steve Boddy
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Watch this space for future links, as I discover them.