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3D Moon

Sony a5100 stereo camera rig
This Is my latest stereo rig and is detailed here. And here is an image made with this rig.

Watere Lilly and Lilly Pads
Below are images created with other cameras.
Lily Pads
"Storybook Mushroom"
This image "Storybook Mushroom" was selected by Geocarto for display at the 2015 ISU World Congress in Busan, South Korea.
ISU Convention in Busan, South Korea 2015

Here is a photo from The ISU 2015 World Congress where you can see my image on display.
Steam Engines in the Czech Republic. This HDR image was selected for display at the Geocarto 2015 display in Hong Kong.
Jawa Classic Czech Motorcycle
Niagara Falls in Winter
Toronto from the Unfinished "Ice" Condo Complex
HDR of Venice
HDR of Venice

The Pier at Naples, FL

Northern Spirit
A cold day on Toronto harbour
Subaru Boxer Engine

Ford Flathead

Some Background
I am Timo Puhakka, an avid stereo photographer, former Toolmaker, and former Imax Camera Technician. (that's a younger me below with the Imax MKII Underwater housing).  This web site is intended to showcase some of the work I have done with stereo photography and building stereo equipment, and to allow you to enter the hobby running.

My original plan was to create an ultra compact digital stereo camera (for myself), to ultimately replace my Realist format camera, if (heaven forbid),  Kodachrome is no longer processed (“Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away”)(They took it away). I got carried away.  The result is what you see on this site.

Viewing the images you create on the computer or on prints can be done in many ways, Freeviewing (parallel), cross eyed, with optical viewers available on the internet or on stereo cards you make, and view with  Bates Holmes Stereo viewers. I would recommend that you get photographic slides made by a service company and mount them in cardboard mounts for viewing in a Realist style stereo viewer, or using the 2 X 2 slides you get back, in a viewer like the “Pinsharp” available on the internet. A couple of companies making these slides can be accessed from the following links:
Lukerdoops (mounted stereo pairs, Recomended)*may be inactive at times
Slides from digital
Colour Slide
 You can also create anaglyph prints (for viewing with red / green glasses, or make stereo cards and view them in a Holmes style viewer.

Examples of other types of stereo
cross view13th century stereo
Full moon                                                                Stereo before photography

My Stereo viewers
These are my home made stereo viewers. The Holmes style viewer was built as a home for my Keystone Telebinocular lenses (so I could enjoy those superb lenses in the livingroom, instead of the basement.

The other viewer is a medium format slide viewer, which has large achromat lenses and bright but cool, perfectly white like sunlight, LED lighting. It also has rack and pinion focusing with an internal microswitch wich turns the lights on when you put a slide all the way in. It works with both plastic and cardboard slides.

Holmes Viewer
I had to learn to tool leather to get the hood right


I worked as a Camera Technician at Imax in the late 80s. I was principlaly responsible for the Imax Space Shuttle In Cabin Camera, and participated on some 5 or 6 Shuttle missions.

When I worked at Imax, I only once got a chance to see the stereo rig asssembled. I naturally had to get a shot of it in stereo.  It was taken with my Kodak stereo camera on Kodachrome 64 film.  It certainly gives you an idea of what a behemoth we are talking about. Anybody who has seen pictures of the new Solido Imax stereo camera, will understand why they make more stereo films now than they did in the late 80s when this photo was taken.

parallel view

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