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The Rotating Moon
This video was created from the 2D video of the rotating moon made by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). I simply made left and right images by having the Right image lag the Left by a few frames, This way the moon shows a slightly different face which gives us 3D. This used to be done through the telescope by taking advantage of the phenomena of libration, where the moon does this for us, one month to the next. Of course the view from the Earth limits us to the one side of the Moon that always faces us, plus or minus a few degrees from libration. It looks a though YouTube has discontinued stereo 3D playback, so you may have to download the video and play it back on a stereo video application on your computer or phone.



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Old Style Stereo Moon Image

Made from two telescopic images of the moon taken on different months. Each month the moon appears to wobble in space. This is called Libration. By choosing two different months you can create a stereo image of the moon. Folks have been doing this for over 100 years. I can't take credit for taking the photos, but only for searching the net for two, other people's photos,  that work perfectly together. One interesting benefit of stereo is that, although the "right" image is of far lower resolution, it gives enough information for our brains to be able to combine the images with all the detail of the "left" image. Look closely and you can see mountains behind other mountains on the very top of the image, and you can see depth in some craters and texture of the rough parts of the moon's surface.
file:///Applications/SPM/stphmkre.execross view Moon

Parallel version
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